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Originally Posted by BloodSport View Post
well the rules are in the FAQ section and stickied there, as it a FAQ about age verifications with active links which is also stickied.
This thread and another in the news section are also stickied already.

Want to retype a few of the others and have time go for it, then PM me the thread link and the modified version, I will gladly copy and paste it in.

You talk about volunteers, a lot of our volunteer base is from the AVers, which as we get to know them more usually are ones who then get asked about becoming moderators for ones we see super active and doing little extras behind the scenes. Why have you not volunteered yet?
I don't volunteer because I don't believe that the forums in its current state is worthwhile to invest my time in.

The forums as they are leave a lot to be desired. For example, over and over again we have posts regarding the purpose of age verification and why it's a self governance decision but they never explain to my satisfaction exactly WHY that is and WHAT.

Follow the train of thought: what is AV and why do I need it?

I'll click on this link:

It will tell me to read the following: (links back to the AV province page gives no info to me at all what's there) -> then i will click on this:

The page then reads: ...

The regional representative will look at your ID, ensure you are who you say you are, that you are 18 years of age or older, and record your REAL name, Date of Birth, AND your ASC USER NAME.

but one thing that I found crucial that was missing was citing an actual statute/law. This is the compelling part. People need to know that this is a law abiding forum and not some identity theft ring... For example:

That is the bill that cites that one must be 18 to buy an airsoft gun.

That being said I volunteer with other organizations but it is volunteering my free time and ASC isn't something I would like to advertise in its current state. I have close friends who were active in the airsoft scene and decided not to get AV. As an onlooker from outside the forums, the site does look shady AF sometimes, especially when someone is either young or unfamiliar with the mannerisms of the internet... it's very intimidating to meet people online.

As for finding you dead links and obtaining modified links... I have no idea how to do that. I referenced this ASC link earlier:
that was retrieved from under #3... that post was from 2009 and I have no context as to where that thread leads.

Another stickied post:
dead link in thread indicating "click here for help":

Right now I'm not saying that the AV system sucks or that I don't want to be an AVer. Believe me I wanted to apply since day 1 when I rode my bike to Colin_S' house but I knew I had to be more known in the community before applying. Right now I feel the forums need more moderators than AVer's and cleaning up dead threads has been a neglected priority because there's just TOO MUCH INFORMATION and not enough time to read it all.
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