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Super easy my friend. The lower receiver is the portion to paint so look up a few videos to see how to remove it from the upper and then take out the mechbox and remove handle. Remove butt stock and begin so sand the clear plastic (roughing up the surface helps paint stick) once that is ready, wash with dish soap to remove dirt and plastic particles. In a well ventilated area (within the temp guide on your can of spray paint) apply one light coat of spray. Make a sandwich. Apply one more light coat of paint. Eat sandwich. Apply third coat lightly and call it a day. Tomorrow take a good look at it, if you find a 'drip' or 'run' sand it out and use lighter coats. If she is snazzy your done. Assemble and shoot
Some people (like me) use a sealant to help it stay nice and pertty, my go to is the shoe guard. MAKE CERTAIN it does not have 'Gloss" written anywhere on the can!

Uh forgot this was for pistol... Just follow the light coating idea and the sand/soap prep...
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