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It's 2016, can one buy airsoft gun from retailers outside of Canada?

I've read many pre-2012 threads about 100% chance getting confiscated when buying airsoft gun online from retailer sites outside of Canada.
I've tried to search if anyone tried doing so after 2012 (when airsoft gun becomes legal as long as it shoots higher than 366 fps and under 500 fps), but haven't found any results.

I'm looking to buy Krytac LVOA, and I've tried both Toronto Airsoft and Trigger Airsoft, they both sold out. Hero Outdoors somehow is selling FG version of it at $747, which is even more than the Wolf Grey + 10 mags bundle. I've tried to contact them regarding the pricing, but thats where the story ends, no reply.

So, I'm looking at evike and airsoftgi. But I'd like to know more how's everyone's recent experience of buying airsoft gun internationally.

Thanks in advance.
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