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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
It's like saying "hey can anyone tell me how to make crystal meth? I promise I won't make any but I just want to know"

I don't buy it, and I've never bought it anytime some kid tried it.
Pusangani I totally see what you mean and I totally see what your doing your trying to protect the thing you love and that is airsoft. So when you see some newbie 16 year old trying to get information on gun websites you wont trust it because the last thing you/anyone wants is for the sport to get banned, and now you will probably be thinking "well he is just putting on the humble routine so we will shine pity on him and i wont buy" it well i don't want you to buy it because if you do for some one who wants to do something illegal with there airsoft gun then gets the information to get a real looking one and does somthing thing to get parliament to ban the sport all together your going to be pissed off at your self for giving an centimetre and having a kilometre taken (metric version of the saying) and when i am eventually age verified and if i meet you will see im a player who loves the sport just like you.
Holy crap what was a mouth full.....Thats what she said!

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