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Originally Posted by AngelusNex View Post
Why even bother getting a longer outer "depending on the situation" if it's going o be 100% the same as the shorter outer setup.

No, it wont be. Let me see if I can explain myself better, perhaps I wasn't clear. Currently, I have standard 14.5" outer barrel, 363 inner barrel, with an 8" RIS for my M4 (SETUP 1). Im planning on getting a longer outer barrel, and a longer Larue RIS (SETUP 2), so im wondering if I can use my 363 inner barrel in this setup because im worried that the bb will hit the outer barrel. Yes, i can just get a longer inner barrel for SETUP 2, but i dont want to if I dont have to ($$). Ultimately, I want to be able to swap between SETUP 1 and SETUP 2 with ease.
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