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noobie questions on kjw and we m4 platforms (gbbr)

hi , been looking through the forums for hours ( perhaps not long enough ? ) , and cant find the info's i needed exactly.

its some sort of debate between the 2 platforms, im trying not to make it sound like a xxx vs xxx thread , but airsoft dont come by as easy in my place as of now , so im trying not to screw up my first gbbr and end up being a wallhanger anytime too soon.

1. ok, so far im leaning towards kjw m4 because its said to be a better ootb m4, with that said it doesnt need alot of mods or upgrades ( from what i've seen in forums / comments in the past week ) , when compared to we m4/hk416 ( correct me if im wrong ) .
2. and secondly the WE mags are said to have a higher chance of leaking ( perhaps due to poor maintenance? i rmb seeing this somewhere, cant rmb for now ) , is this true ? Because if its only due to poor maintenance wise , i can rule this out when i do my own comparison.

3. Oh and to addon, what type of 1 point sling mounts can i equip on the kjw m4 and the we m4/hk416 ?
3-a. i've read that the kjw buffer tube being one of size, so it needs some modifications to be done to fit a sling mount where the buffer meets the receiver.
3-b. what about the WE platform ? are their buffer compatible with the so-called ,commercial / retractable m4 stock ? or is there a certain modding like kjw ones.

thank you for ur time and sorry if i offended any of u guys in any ways possible.
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