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Pfft. This one's slipping into the dark (provided the kids aren't stupid and shut their fat traps, and let the lawyers do the talking), all charges will likely be dropped (unless the kid was stupid and aimed it at someone's head, as opposed to just showing it off to a friend).

Fact is, it's not CONSIDERED a weapon until it is used as such, e.g. pointing it at someone to instill fear in them in their belief that they're possibly facing a real firearm. Even a half-ass DA can fight off "showing off" to almost any judge as youth stupidity.

I'm guessing they'll bargain though, publicly apologize, and do 40 hours of community service each. Educated guess, my aunt was the secretary in the youth court system.
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Fucking bullshit. I just checked my flyers and I didn't get no 'Cluepons'. Assholes :rrr:
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