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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Where in Surrey?

Not to paint the whole place with one stroke of a brush but that place is kind of a ghetto and some places are full of crime, grow ops, and shit like that. If it's in the newer suburb developments those are nice but elsewhere yeah....

As far as Age Verification goes, it's no problem provided you are 18+. Note that this is only a rule for this site and not really backed by any federal or provincial legislation but "an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure" so we try to do our due diligence and make it hard for idiots and irresponsible people to get their hands on airsoft (there are other ways for them to get airsoft stuff, but it's harder and they really have to be dedicated to do something stupid to jump through all the hoops).

Also, we have a lot of Filipino and Asian players in the GVRD/Metro Vancouver area. The main clubs you'll be concerning yourself with are probably Op-For and BC Airsoft Club (BCAC). They both play at Panther Paintball in Surrey on the weekends. If you have a car you might be able to go out to the Bigfoot field in Mission, BC to play with Fraser Valley Airsoft Assn. but Panther is right there and it's a good field.

Also, when you land and have settled in you should take a visit to Airsoft Gear in Richmond to grab any sort of gear and parts or whatever you want. The owner is an Age Verifier so you can get that done while you browse the store.

Finally, you should note that you can bring in gear and accessories but NO GUNS PERIOD. You don't want to hurt your chances at citizenship or your visa/landed immigrant status by being red flagged or anything (eg. there's still the "war on terror" going on and by just being brown and not a national you'll already be targeted, you do not want them to think in any way that you could possibly be Abu Sayyaf, MILF, or whatever).

Prices for guns in Canada are a bit higher at around 1.5-2x the cost from HK but that's just how it works in Canada and the prices are a lot more sane than before where you'd be looking at ~$700 for a Classic Army or ICS M4.
I will keep that in mind.
Guess I can bring my face mask.
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