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Originally Posted by phloudernow View Post
I have never heard of this before... like ever... I do not know of a law in HK that says it is against the law to ship airsoft items and parts "OUT" of hong kong.

Is there any legal document you can quote? I have not seen any document that specifically says but here is a doc that specifies fire arm laws in HK i can't understand it fully since the translation is confusing maybe someone can care to dissect it and tell us but as far as I am reading it looks legal as long as you have a licence to do so?

Because you stated that it is against the law to ship airsoft items and parts out of HK, what about all the big companies like CA, G&P, ARES? they are all HK companies that deal around the world so wouldn't they be breaking the law as well? I'm sure that they've done their research and there isn't an issue in exporting airsoft items and parts......UN has been around for 15 years...if it was law breaking to exporting airsoft I'm sure the customs control would have done something about it... just what Im thinking...even if its been lax the amount of airsoft being exported, I'm sure at least one or two have gotten into their hands to be inspected right? i mean thousands of airsoft guns are shipped out by different companies everyday.... Im just saying.....

I may be wrong but please I would really like to know..

PS. I am in no way being hostile just would really like to know... incase you take my msg in a wrong way
My take on this would be, if HK customs is anything like customs here they do nto have the manpower to control and inspect everything that comes in or out, approximatly 3% of all the cargo coming into the country, and they expect 90% of the travelling public lie to some degree on their declarations. Its a game of Russian roulette ... You can do whatever you want, untill you get caught.
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