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Performance Test - Outdoor Gaming

Apr 25th 2009 - FTF Outdoor Field (Owner = Brian McIlymoyle (TTAC3))

Body is all aching sore but my arms are fine. The P90 was lightweight and great to carry around and maneuver. Although I was outranged by the longer M14, M4s and FAL's. The thick branches and leaves everywhere provided a lot of cover for me to run around crazy like I usually do. And the only way to peg people is getting in close if I had to estimate I would say within 70 feet was a sure shot kill.

I always had the feeling of being out ranged as my shots continuously curved on 0.20g then I switched to .28g and it curved less but the AEG's with 363mm and longer can peg me no problem past 70 feet.

If theres one thing I would change would be to put on a longer inner barrel if I were going outdoors or just keep this as a CQB gun
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