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I was defending an upper level along a hallway, hiding just around the corner from the hall itself, while two other guys were shooting at me from the other side. We exchanged fire for a while before they decided to rush me while reloading. By the time the make it the whole way down the hallway and around the corner I have already finished reloading. However, one has a GBB glock 18c, which unbeknownst to it's handler had ran out of ammo, and the other had a TM P90 which chose that exact moment to jam. needless to say it was the easiest two kills I have ever gotten.

Another one that Anduril reminded me of is that there is a guy who plays with our club who has a bad habit during one of our games. The game is touch-the-wall, and basically each team has a small portion of wall that the opposing team must touch to win. However in this game we usually have all the new people defend the wall. Unfortunately new people aren't really good at learning what everyone looks like right away. So this guy will walk backwards towards the enemy's wall, and then start talking to the defenders, "have they seen any action?", "don't worry it get's more exciting when you attack", "how do you like the gun?", "and by the lose!" as he touches the wall. I wanted to kick myself for that one my first game.
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