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Originally Posted by surebet View Post
As much as the idea might deserve debate, I'm move this discussion to the AV section or else it'll get flooded by non-AV folk and descend in a meaningless debate pretty soon.
Thanks bud, I was thinking that but am still working through my first coffee

Originally Posted by surebet View Post
As for my two cents, it's better than verification over a webcam or similar methods, but the core issue is that it still doesn't address the possibility of having dad coming online and taking the verification for their kids. Not too sure if I'd like my personnal ID being recorded in a permanent way either, and as you said transmission is an issue.
That can't happen in a face to face meeting?

Originally Posted by surebet View Post
The only way I'd see something like this being a reasonnable alternative would be for folks that live outside of a radius of a verifier, say something that can't be covered in a day's drive back and forth. Not for everyday verification.
Agreed. Base it on postal code or something, and a limited tool for distance issues, not some new way to be lazy and avoid face to face verification.
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