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Originally Posted by Cobalt Caliber View Post
Ok I will be more specific.

I am a fan of the M4 series, and know that have allot of customization, witch also seems to suit almost all of my needs, but I also like the FN SCAR series, and G36 series is nice... and well I go down hill from there thinking of all the different weapons and me holding them in a game, in full BDU... oops I drooled a little.
I know it can be difficult to pick a rifle you like, but the community can literally list dozens of different versions of Scars, Armalites, and G36s. Seriously, find one you like the absolute most, maybe go to a few games and hold some guns, then ask for suggestions for the best manufacturer of that gun.

@Rai, I'm at work right now so I can't really point out all the things that are wrong with what you said(Not to infer that EVERYTHING you said was wrong, but i can strongly disagree on a number of points), but ill summarize and just say that red dots and scopes can be very useful in Airsoft, it must just be that YOUR ballistics suck. Also, I can think of half a dozen 1911s with rails off the top of my head.

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