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VFC SOPMOD M4?? Compromise between KWA and Systema?

Hey all!

I am new to the world of Airsoft but have been doing some very in depth research over the last week when it comes to Manufacturers, Brands, AEG's vs GBB's etc. I am looking for a realistic AEG based off of the M4 Design. Ive been recently eyeing the M4 SOPMOD made by VFC, and it looks (at least online) like its one sexy beast. I am willing to throw down the cash for a Systema level AEG.. since when i get into something i do do things by halves. But Im wondering if the VFC Sopmod M4 would be a good middle ground between a Systema PTW Max and a KWA M4? Any owners of the two willing to pipe up on what might be the better choice and why?

Thanks for your help!

- Imp
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