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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
And once again, you've perpetuated the noob myth that the sniper role is all about the gun and long range kills, rather than the skill set. Many good snipers (the ones with skills and balls bigger than the projectiles they're shooting) do excellent work from ranges well inside the reach of AEGs -- and a quiet, highly accurate (at that range) tool helps a lot to achieve this.
Exactly. I might take a 250ft shot a few times a year, but 90% of my shots are within 200ft (120-170ft being the bulk of that), just because it increases the chances of getting a reliable hit on a guy (and it's rare to get the one shot, one kill with any airsoft gun past 130ft), generally it's the second shot that'll find it's mark. The first shot is more a test fire to see what the air conditions are between you and the target, then you compensate for windage and elevation and try again.

So ya, me going against guys with AEGs, using a bolt action well, is what I do. Even though I can outshoot AEGs doesn't mean that I make sure I'm really far away before I take my shot. That's where the skill and balls come into play, and where I'm at an extreme disadvantage............ yet I have a high chance of doing very well. Hence my earlier reference to "Separates the men from the boys", the boys want the full auto option as a "just in case" thing, the real true snipers have no use for it because we have confidence and skills to use a BA rifle well. Ends up largley being about cover, conceilment, camoflage, and use of your surroundings to get into a firing position and take that shot(s).

Oh ya, one of my favourite missions is what I do 1 to 3 times per year, depending on the game, I really love the "Team A vs Team B vs. Me", where I dress up in my ghillie, leave my MP5s at home (or just at base), and head out into the woods with my rifle, silent MK23 and a G19 for the "Oh Shit!!" moments, and shoot anyone I happen to see. A couple times it's been 20 vs 20 vs 1. Really gets your shit in order FAST.

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