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Greetings from Ottawa

Hey all,

Been registered (and AVed - thanks marac!) for a few weeks already but this is my first post. I tend to be more of a lurker than a poster, so hopefully folks can refer to this post if they receive a PM from me about the Honey Badger they're selling!

Some background for anyone interested: I've been into Airsoft as a hobby for over a decade, but have never been on a field yet. I play on private property (with permission of course) wherever and whenever the opportunity presents itself.

I've always tried to get my friends into the hobby as well, with varying degrees of success. To that end, I've accumulated a small cache of weaponry of varying quality to furnish group outings.

Currently my 'arsenal' consists of:
Ares 014 Honey Badger (loving the 11.1 Lipo with this one)
G&G MP5SD full metal (w/factory upgrade, whatever that means)
Aftermath MP5 (x2)
…and a JG VSR10 is on the way, assuming Hero Outdoors ever ships it(!).
Also a small number of clearsoft pieces for people to learn on, including my 'sidearm', an H&K P30 AEP.

I'm not much of a tech (my upgrades so far are of the electrical tape and soldering iron variety), but I do refurbish vintage stereo equipment so I may eventually decide to get my hands dirty digging into my AEGs.

I don't own a lot of gear, but do have some good boots, hard- and soft-shell gun cases, a couple pairs of JT goggles, and have recently started getting into optics and lasers.

Unfortunately none of my friends is as rabid about this stuff as me, so 'games' are currently few and far between. I don't have any military or LE background, but I'm interested in learning more about milsims and similar realistic engagements.

I have learned - and strive to impart on others - a good sense of trigger and muzzle discipline, and overall firearm safety, and like to think I'd fit in on the field should I decide to try that some day. (I do have a free game at OHP, if anyone's looking for a newb to join their game before the snow flies!)

Anyhow, that pretty much covers it. If there's anyone in the Ottawa area looking for another body for their fledgling team, and/or someone else to use for target practice if you know of any good unofficial spots, hit me up with a PM! I'm willing to travel an hour or so out of town, will play in any weather, and I'm happy to provide rides for anyone who wants to come along.

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