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part of your decision should include looking at what AEG's your 'team' has..

magazine interchangability is a major thing if you're looking to go and play in high-level games (maybe you're not interested in this, maybe you are)

basically in airsoft, find something that fits you, if it's your first gun then get a Marui, believe me it'll be the best thing you'll ever buy if you're not a 'have a go' type of guy when it comes to internals..

if you want *the best* get a PTW but bear in mind it'll cost you.

better buy for you would be a marui and save money for something else.. the reason you buy marui first is down to the fact that a maui gun (when left stock/minor upgrades) will last forever and not break unless _you_ do something stupid.

Highly upgraded guns die when _they_ do something stupid, and how smart do you think a lump of metal and plastic is? not very..

yes, i speak of AEG's as if they have a soul, everyone laughs at me except gundoc's, we know the score, seeing as how much of our soul ends up in our work (including blood/sweat and skin) they must have something, even if it's pure evil (demon gun, i'm lookign at you)
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