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Just on a off note...its a paintgrenade, not a canadian tire 1 galon of tremclade paint....I dont realy know what the deal is all about, sure the grenade has flaws but it better than trowing a cardboard tube stuffed with bbs and firecraker!...the paint is veg oil I dont know how you guys play the game anymore but when i played I roled around in the dirt, mud,grass...and anything that was in the forest and did not realy care about if my guns were clean and presentable like if I had a platoon inspection ...I played hard and to win....and to have fun, the days after where for cleaning the guns and multi for being a target ....well the specs of paint can be brushed off with a swipe of the hand...sounds like you guys are more on show and tell than the actual role playing least most of you.
Getting covered with dirt/mud, leaves, grass rarely affects your ability to blend in with surroundings negatively during an airsoft match. In many cases, it may actually help some miniscule amount.

Getting covered with blue paint that came from a grenade that went off 5 feet from you early in the day = ruined (until you clean it, that is) camo scheme that makes you easier to see. You'd be better off running through brush naked than wearing a nice coat of blue paint.
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