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NoGear, apparently this guy is American (meaning cheap airsoft stuff) and also a parent (hopefully is mid-career and makes a good amount of income), I don't think not having money is a problem here.


AirsoftRetreat (ASR) and Arnies Airsoft (AA) are other airsoft forums as well.

I've already told you AirsoftExtreme is a place you can go as well as AirsoftGI, both located in Cali which isn't far from the North West. The War Store is good as well, located in/around NY IIRC.

Maybe airsoft isn't for you as well. Maybe consider that. If it's going to be for plinking on your farm maybe what you want is a .177 pellet gun. I really like the Anschutz 9003 and who knows it might be for you.

Also FPS isn't everything, I would gladly use a stock TM rifle that shoots 1 Joule over an upgraded clone any day.

You can get a pretty decent TM GBB from AEX for $155 this one right here.
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