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Depends what you want to do with the radio.
Buy a cheap one now, if you get more serious into airsoft you'll just have to buy a good one later anyway
5watt transmitting with the whip antenna means with a wouxun you can be heard ANYWHERE on a field, I was getting comms even in the black areas at claybank
The battery on the wouxun lasts more than 24 hours. I used it frequently for 8 hours of claybank, then forgot to turn it off, still had power the next morning.
And they're easily programmed and cloned

We showed up to claybank with our radios all set, then they changed something on the way, took us like 15min to reprogram all the radios on the field. It's REALLY useful in MILSIM because you have comms with everyone. Just switch to their channel. Try doing that on the fly with a cheap GMRS. I had a GP68 and it was a huge pain to talk to other squads, you had to change the channel and subs every time you want to talk to someone else.
With the wouxun you just turn a knob lol
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