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I learned about Airsoft long time ago when I was growing up in Hong Kong (called "Wargames" there). I bought a cheap springer for target practice, and didn't really give much thought into it. Last year or so, I was getting annoyed by the fact that my computer can't handle top of the line FPS games anymore. I asked myself if there was a better alternative to FPS games that weren't that realistic anyways, and I remembered how people in Cantonese police dramas would shoot each other with airsoft guns. I started searching laws regarding the legality of airsoft in Canada and eventually came to this forum. I read all the FAQs and stickies, finally I got AV'd at the TAC11 show by Scarecrow who was really awesome. Didn't stick around for long tho, least I sold a cap that covered my Bus fare and Entrance fee.
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