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Originally Posted by aznpos531 View Post

thanks for that
i've been meaning to ask you. What is your avatar all about? i can only tell that it's a racoon. What's in it's mouth? and is it wearing a hat??
Its actually a scarf around its neck, and yea it's wearing a touque made from a dollar store sock.

A couple of winters ago when I lived in Peterborough our house had a small cellar that racoons liked to live in. They then decided to try and chew their way into the house. This created problems.

After we "dealt" with them we had a couple of massive, frozen racoons. Normal college pranks ensued.

"Someone in a Prius tried to race me at a stop sign the other day. I couldn't believe it. I had him for the first 100 feet or so but I can only walk so fast."
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