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Originally Posted by AJam View Post
I have been looking for a good quality (reliability, power, etc) spring-powered M4 style rifle.
No such thing. Doesn't exist on this planet.

Originally Posted by AJam View Post
Turns out the CX4 Storm is a real gun? I'm looking for something under $300 that shoots plastic BBs.
Yes, the same way the M4 is a real gun, the CX4 is a real gun too. It fires 9mm rounds.

There is a pellet version of the CX4 Storm as well. Actually, there are 2 versions of the pellet version. One shoots 495 FPS that anyone can buy, and one that shoots I believe 650 FPS that you need a PAL to purchase.

Just a tip - if you're going to ask for advice, you should actually listen to what some of these guys who've been playing airsoft for years have to say. There's a wealth of knowledge and experience on ASC. You really should take advantage of it.
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