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Originally Posted by swatt13 View Post
i wouldnt really call that a description of how you did it, nore an answer.
I'm not too sure what else you want me to say...

I would believe its quite intuitive for people to understand.

If you really want details...

All I did was use the silver latch of the pen and attach it on the goggle strap. Or you can use tape and stick it on a helmet.

What more do you want from my life guys?

Originally Posted by Skladfin View Post
Hey the quality is really great! the framerate could be better but I'm definitely getting one now thanks
Yeah the quality for such a pint sized camera is good enough, yeah I wish the frame rate was better. Cause if you run too fast all you see is a blur.

Of course not comparable to my previous DVD camera or the Tachyon head cam but with this I stick it anywhere on the battlefield or my head and not have to worry about it getting shot.
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