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WHY would the government wish to bother with an "airsoft only" licence. Why does anyone think they would want to go through the time and effort to create such a system for such a minority? The PAL is THERE.....the system is IN PLACE and would require minimal effort to include "airsoft" as a licenced type.

The 18+ rule looks great but means FA many minors have bought guns since that rule has been put in place. Enforced by ASC age reps......what credentials do we have to enforce anything? Our title is based member recommendations. There is little accountability or controls on age verifiers. It's muzzles on guns, it looks like something is being done to make it more "safe" in the eyes of society and yet it does NOTHING.

The government is seeking control and accountability from the community. The PAL would provide both. Thinking the government would set up a system just for us is nieve and unrealistic.
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