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I'm glad that my post was able to start such a lively debate.

@Scarecrow: The test was straight on, no deflection angle. Well, I was straight on before the shot...

@pusangani: I think your post was the most well worded, concise summary out of the whole thread.

I agree that this was a very "quick and dirty" test, and I hesitate to call it even that as a more thorough examination is called for. We've already had one field in Ottawa ban them, and personally I will refrain from using them as (and yes, bumps and bruises happen, I've been hospitalized playing this game... and was right back for more once my broken ribs healed) I don't want to increase the risk for injury more just to give myself some perceived advantage.

Perhaps a full line of BB Bastard black bb's in all weights would provide the edge players are looking for with these, while not needlessly increasing the risk to players.
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