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Originally Posted by ravan318 View Post
Hey Shadow how did you get the silencer to work/attached to the gun?

I have the Vortex Flash Hider and the Ops Inc 12th Suppressor, but I don't know how to attach the suppressor to the gun. Can you explain if there are anything else I have missed?

Yeah I didn't. Not yet anyway. It's the SPR flash hider stuck on there as a placeholder. Just thought I pop it on to take pics of my boomstick with the suppressor. The suppressor is purely for looks and serves no other purpose on my build as the SPR flash hider does not allow a longer inner barrel to protrude through the bore at the very front as it's too narrow. Besides, I'm a firm believer in Hop-up / barrel group mods to increase range & accuracy over and above longer inner barrels.

I still hope to have a functional machined flash hider some day that will allow the suppressor but for now I'll just throw on the SPR if needed.

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