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Originally Posted by djKail View Post
I did a bunch of research before purchasing the gun. I am aware of this issue and only put one drop of oil on my propane tank before installing the nozzle. I highly doubt my bucking is swelling when I have only put 4 or 5 magazines through the gun. Would that cause double feeding anyways? a BB always fires, none ever get stuck in the barrel, just double fed for some reason.

I am going to try some BB Bastards tomorrow and hope it solves the problem.
Most likely the action is cycling but the BB is not firing. When you get a few BBs jammed in the chamber one will be kicked out of the muzzle when another feeds.

Have you wound your hopup all the way off?

In warm weather you can get a few mags from each fill. Are you sure the magazine is fully charged with gas?
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