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Look what's at #1 for accuracy!

I went down to Toronto Airsoft today and got to shoulder and fire the UAR. The body is solid without any creaking, very thick plastic/nylon/whatever. And damn is this thing accurate. On Semi I could hit all 5 of their 4 inch targets at 30 feet, without needing an added sighting mechanism (Red Dot, ACOG, what have you). It was a breeze. Very easy to point this thing. One thing that was brought to my attention was the long trigger pull compared to some other weapons. It didn't bother me while firing and was not noticeable. I think I will most definitely picking this up as my first weapon, and later on moving up to the G&G F2000.

The sales rep also mentioned that he's only had 4 of these guns come back in for repairs thus far, all of them with a different issue. Nothing consistently wrong.
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