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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
But why would you need to buy everything else but the receiver, if you're not supposed to have the gun anyways? Red dots, mags, sling loops mean jack without the gun, so what's the need for these things?

This discussion is moot. The admins made their decision. It's done.
Well, posession of an airsoft gun by a minor is NOT illegal. Only SALE to a minor is. If a parent wants to buy their kid a gun has every right to do so. Now, I personally say that the gun should be in the parent's custody at all times except when it's to be used, and then under parental supervision only, but not all parents feel that way. Hell, I had pellet guns when I was 13 or 14 and my parents couldn't give 2 shits about me having them as long as I didn't do anything stupid with them.

So kids can legitimately have airsoft guns. They just can't buy them themselves. And I agree that they should be allowed to buy all the necessary parts to build their own either.
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