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Originally Posted by incrediboy729 View Post
Not to contradic and be a snob, but i have a little bit of stuff on your post--
6,000 rounds isn't enough to say whether or not it is reliable. have you checked the internals since the 6,000 rounds? I'm sure it can handle it quite well but for me it can't handle it enough to permanently use one, that's just a lot of battery for stock internals IMO, any brand.
Oh I totally agree that 6,000 isn't anywhere near enough of a benchmark to judge whether or not it's reliable. I just checked the internals about a week ago when I put the stock spring back in after trying out a m100 that I had. Everything still looks good to go. There is a guy on the KWA forum that took photos of his stock internals after 120,000+ rounds and the damn thing looked brand new and that with a 11.8V 15c Li-Po in it. I personally use the Li-Po because I don't have to worry about swapping batteries in the middle of a game, I charge it up the night before a game and I know I'm going to get at least a bag of bb's out of it before I start noticing any change in it's performance.
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