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Not exactly. I'm not a game host, we are a team. Have been for a very, very long time. I agree that maturity plays a large role; but that's not the only dynamic here. We are a big family. We attend each others weddings, watch each others homes and pets when they are on holidays, we look out for everyones kids, our wives/girlfriends hang out constantly, have big barbecues, our extended family knows our airsoft buddies well, etc; you get the picture. We are involved in each others lives and see each other daily. Over the course of such a long time, drama happens. Strictly involved with airsoft; we've seen a nasty divorce, an affair, couples fighting about personal crap (every game day), fist fights and threats. All caused by both counterparts sharing a field. "bad experience" doesn't come close to covering it; and I'm giving the light version.

I don't want to give the wrong impression here. I would never tell another field, business, group, team, etc to ban couples. I know many couples that play team based sports together, and are very happy. And I'm an advocate for equal treatment for both sexes. I'm simply giving some advice. Having your better half present often adds a new dynamic for everyone. If you both remain "your own players", then you and everyone else will enjoy it more. I hope it works out, and strengthens your relationship. <"I mean this with absolutely no cynicism".
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