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Originally Posted by Gaius View Post
aren't CA's supposed to have metal bodies?
The Sportsline series are the new low-cost gun CA released a few months back. As Tex already said, they're made to compete with the popular Chinese clones like JG and Echo 1 (same guns, different name).

I don't have any personal experience with these guns, but from the bit of reading I'd done on them, the main differences seem to be the Sportsline's plastic body and non-reinforced mechbox shell and gears. I can't remember if the review I'd read said the body was ABS or nylon fiber.

Also, on the functional front, the charging handle on the Sportsline actually opens the ejector port cover and pulls back the fake bolt carrier / dust cover to reveal the hopup. On the standard CA, the charging handle has no function and the ejector port cover is held closed magnetically. So in essence, this gun is Marui clone rather than the "based on TM / TM-compatible" design of the standard CA M15.

Otherwise, at least from the info I had read, the Sportsline seems to share all the same other internals and externals as the standard M15.
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