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Originally Posted by Infidel86 View Post
Hey guys, I've played Airsoft once before and I really enjoyed it so I think I want to take the next step and get some gear so I can play on a regular basis.

My question is what do you guys recommend for "kit" (clothes,vest etc), if possible if someone can give me a list of possible things I would greatly appreciate it.

The next question is what AEG should I get, money isn't an issue and I want something that is going to last and work well.

I have heard good things about the VFC H&K 416 so I am leaning towards that as my first gun. I was wondering if anyone has other suggestions as I really like the look of the D-boys RDW (shorter barrel) is there a specific brand for AEG that I should purchase. Thank's again guys.

Also, is there a good place to buy certain gear/guns that you can recommend, Ive been looking at a few. Any places that build "custom AEG's"?

Btw, I applied already to be age verified, haven't gotten a response in 3 months
Your kit depends on the budget and the requirement of your team and your style of play, are you a gear whore?? if you have to have the best of the best seal team6 approved gear than you'll need a very deep pocket otherwise there are a lot of good quality repro gear around. Are you a speedball type or milsim player? if you are a speedball type then a Vest with lots of pockets for hi caps are sufficient. What ever you do NEVER Cheap out on Goggles.

When it comes to which AEG/GBB/GBBR? the answer again depends on what you want, you can start with a cheap clones and there are two types of clones out there when it comes to AEG, Good and shitty essentially all AEG with the exception of a couple are derived from Tokyo Marui design so you can start with a $250 AEG or you can go all out and get a Systema or FCC PTW. The term you get what you pay for can never be more true when it comes to Airsoft toys.

There are a few guntech or shop here in this board that I would trust wholeheartedly when it comes to custom build if you are going the PTW route guys like MacGuyver, Kevorkian, Chris at Double tap tactical are the ones to go to. For GBB Illusion is your guy, for AEG there are a few here that have the necessary skills to do so. As far as your AV situation three months is a bit too long I would suggest you find another.

An ideal budget to get everything from battery to boots to guns you'll need is around $1000 and up, but over the years if you loved it like most of us old farts the cost can skyrocket to a price of a Ferrari or more for some, It also helps if you have a Black Ops slush funds hidden away from your wife like most of us it helps in the long run.

Have fun

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