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Originally Posted by ExtraExtra View Post

Relax Renegade. This is a discussion and the comment was that it may work due to volume and depending on the level of training of the screener of course. So please hold off on the name calling.
1. I never name called, I said your statement was stupid, idiotic, and if it was sarcastic, it failed huge. This is a discussion indeed, and I am completely telling anyone reading this to disregard what you just said based on numerous facts and most of all, common sense.

2. You just confirmed that you don't really have a clue as to what advice your giving. Telling someone to attempt to smuggle and that it may work based on the level of training of someone, is just stupid as I said. Why would you post that?

That's like me saying you may rob that bank over there, the security guard might be new and under-trained, and the security system might be old and may confuse a bank robbery to just an every day activity...

3. I dont jump on people a lot on these forums, but when I see someone like yourself, post something that is basically telling someone he can break the law with a few if's as your facts, I dont take that too lightly seeing as I work in the Law Enforcement business.

Think before you post something next time, even if its a joke.
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