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Originally Posted by Sim123456 View Post
I know for the mistake, the black version also has wrong spelling on the markings. But, compare to the KWA who has no markings, it's still better!

How does it shoot: 350fps +-
What does it sound like: watch the vidéo and you will hear the sound
How accurate: I have never done grooping test, sorry guys

In my text I think I'm explaining a lot about how it works. Do you have others specific questions?

About compatibility, both my KJW and KWA weren't compatible with anything else. I always use the company mags.

Thanks for the feedback, I don't have new guns often because they cost so much, so I can't practice my reviewing skill ^^
I feel that you're just reviewing the externals of your M9. I don't read anything about how it works. I haven't watched the video clips yet, so perhaps I'm missing something in there?

I held off on reviews until I had collected a couple of pistols and/or sold a few off. It does take practice to get the info that people want to hear written out on the first page, as well as knowledge of the market for GBB M9's (so that you can compare your WE to other ones out there).
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