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Making a threat against you known to the community is a wise move but if it is felt to be serious enough, do not hesitate to speak to the proper authorities. I couldn't imagine the circumstances that would lead to such a thing but regardless of the facts it comes down to the safety of every player in the sport.

I take it upon myself to instruct my team on the basic principles of how to conduct oneself both on and off the field, to be honest, fair and to take responsibility for their actions. It can be difficult sometimes to stifle tempers once they have flared, however team leaders and game referees must act swiftly to ensure that such disagreements, no matter how petty they seem, are sorted out properly and promptly. If we want airsoft to be recognized as a sport and taken seriously, it's our jobs to present it in a good light by behaving like adults and keeping an attitude of levelheadedness.

To borrow a quote from Henry Blaha, when he was speaking of the conduct of Rugby players on and off the field:
"Rugby is a beastly game played by gentlemen,"
So too must we keep this in mind.

Honour and Respect... Pew! Pew!
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