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Originally Posted by Hectic View Post
Yes id need a ptw to start with lol.
Thats why im wondering about the posibility of one of these full fcc built "tw's" commimg in a 416 type flavor to avoid having to buy a TW and a conversion or a pricey ptw4167 build (yes they are damn nice but if they can fully build their own brand of tw in the 2000 price range then they can likely do a 416 type in the same price range tho if noone asks we wont know or get them to consider it on a future release.
You could always just buy me one.... Jk, or am i....
The 416D are all CNC which increased their cost substantially, this is FCC bringing their QC, quality and enhanced TW performance to the masses. The 416D will be discontinued and in fact they are working hard to finish the last batch of the limited edition 416D then off to bigger and better things

*Edit* Their 416D body is a very close dimension as the real version.
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