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its almost like we should qualify all our comments with a disclaimer. I do not have a current version of this brand and this model but I hate it because. I think sometimes people just shoot off about something but have no idea. I dont own a TM M14 and dont know anyone with one so i will not comment on it. I know someone with a KA and has been plagued with problems, thank god the retailer felt bad for selling it and has worked on it him, and dropped the KA line. But i dont own one so i cant speak to it. I took my max to a tech cause i didnt have the tool on me for a mount for scope. He was like wow G&G has come a long way. Before he use to say they where crap, based on one he owned years before and it was clear body. So newbies take all comments, including mine, with a grain of salt. Everyone has a bias, whether they know it or not, its just human nature
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