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Originally Posted by Teiwaz View Post
I'm shocked and appalled!

...Wait... What do people who play airsoft do again?
Nomatter how harmless it is in our eyes (hell, obviously we know how dangerous a plastic ball is), just the mere concept of it is enough to bother your average middle-aged woman.
Either way, if I wanted anyone from CBC to cover it, I'd like George Stromboloupolous to. No idea why, but he just seems like the kind of guy that wouldn't muck up a report. Besides, not too many soccer-moms watch The Hour anyways, and not too many 'gangsta-kiddies' or other sorts of detestable youth like that. Note- this is my opinion, and I don't even know that much about the guy to say that it should (perhaps he's a cold, heartless bigot who twists the facts around for pure entertainment value, if that's true then by all means, say so. I won't contest it).
I should probably don a flame-retardant suit now, but either way, if anything with the media should be done, it should be done right and with the right people.
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