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No. Airsoft in Canada will die when a cubicle-Nazi at the CBSA sends an order down to seize anything that looks remotely like a gun. If you think it's unjust or an improper seizure, you would be directed to submit an appeal, which can take years to be completed. 19 months for my appeal to go all the way to the top, only to be rejected.

The more people that try it, because someone says "Bullshit, you can bring those in" means more eyes from all of LE on it, and a simple administartive order is all it takes to shut it all down.

It's funny how people don't realize that they are fucking themselves, their future and their community of airsofters because they want to save a few bucks. And it's always seems to be the dumbasses who want to go after the cheap guns because they're $99 in New York but $300 here.

As much as I detest censorship, this type of thread was lock and deleted only a short time ago. Now they seem to be what, tolerated? It needs to be again.

If you refuse to pony up the dough in the accepted fashion, get out of airsoft and take up knitting.
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