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Originally Posted by Penguin
Originally Posted by FOX_111
Not again!!

Do a little search, you will come to the conclusion that everyone will come once you have built it. It will be fun and everyone will be happy. The only thing is, it won't happen since it's costly and you will go broke.

Some people managed it and it look profitable enough because they are still open. But they are the few over the many... many.
Let the man open his field, you really don't always have to be so negitive.

I think it's good to see people trying new things and actually applying themselves.

Good luck and I hope you suceede.
Make no mistakes, I'm all for a new field, even if it's too far from where I live to attend. I'm just realistic. People that know me know that if something similar open up in my erea, I'm among the first to go help if needed.


Here we play indoor at paintball fields during the winter. Once every week or at every 2 week minimum. If the place would be airsoft only, I'd say I'd be there more than one night a week depending on my schedule.

If the place is great, I'd pay up to 20-25$ for the time we spend there. (4 to 8h)

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