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Originally Posted by Coleco View Post
...Would probably be nice with a red dot or something, is there perhaps a replacement receiver cover with a rail on it I can slap a cheap red dot on or something?
wont feed the garbage cheap ass 0.12s I have at all though.

...I also want to pick up a sidearm, I was eying either nice battery pack powered EBB Glock or a CO2 powered half-metal Beretta 92, which IS actually airsoft and runs off of common CO2, which is apparently an oddity.
You should watch out for recievers as they can be confiscated by customs, best go through a retailer for those. Keep the reicever if it's not bothering you aesthetically, and pick up a rail set like or and stick on whatever optics you want.

In regards to 0.12s, DO NOT USE THEM! Alot of 0.12s are low quality BBs with massive mold seams and can damage your AEG. Even if they manage to feed, they'll ruin the finish on the inside of your barrel. Stick to high polish 0.2s or heavier BBs from a reputable maker.

EBBs are alright, but I wouldn't recommend them. GBBs not only feel nicer, but they're more reliable and don't have recharge times (just need gas :P). Initial cost might be a bit more, but its worth it. Keep an eye on the classifieds/retailers... there have been some pretty nice used GBBs floating around in the past week. CO2 powered guns are alright, but ones that use 12g powerlets (I hate powerlets cause I use em for paintball and they cost too much) cost a bit more in the long run over propane (3-5 bucks a can will last you quite a long while) and you won't have as hard a time finding parts/magazines.

Post some more pics once you get some upgrades running
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