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Hey everyone - to address some of the questions:

Yes the outer barrel is threaded. If you remove the tip, there's a definite threading that looks like it might be able to be used to attach a silencer.

With regards to a performance review, I will DEFINITELY do a performance review when I get an opportunity to go somewhere that I can have the space I need.

Again, I agree that OTB it won't be that impressive, HOWEVER that being said it is compatible with after-market parts which means upgrades are a welcome thing.
(As a sidenote, I say OTB it's not impressive, but I was totally giddy seeing that I could literally split BB's from 30 feet away... again that's just me being new to the sport. I might be disappointed from further distances, who knows.)

I also agree that the quality control is inconsistent, however I was fortunate with this gun that it was decent overall and I didn't see any obvious flaws whatsoever.

Also the body is very plastic, but I'm sure there's an "upgrade" of sorts for that too lol

400$ IS definitely pushing the envelope as VM was mentioning, and truth of the matter be told that I was considering getting it from instead of A&A airsoft... but A&A had so many great reviews where buyairsoft was still new.

That and A&A actually HAD them in stock LOL

On the edge of the threshold - yes, but consider this:

320 + tax from buyairsoft, as well as 35$ shipping.
360 taxes in from A&A, and 28$ shipping.

Not actually *THAT* much of a difference ;-)

I'll keep everyone posted when I get a chance to do some more longer-distance shooting/testing.
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