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lol airsoft is a military simulative sport. In the military you have to carry A LOT of weight. So we all just gotta suck it up and tank it through because that's what makes it realistic... and a good healthy body. Whatever you're stuck with, you're going to give it your all and fight with everything you got. Kill or be killed. Don't complain about the weight of guns lol

Sniper rifles are long... even IF it doesn't weigh as much as an AEG, it's going to be work and strength and endurance to keep that barrel elevated for long periods of time, while trying to hold it steady to hit your prey after a ton of patience. If you don't make that shot count... then lolz!

Get an AEG that is slightly longer and more powerful? So you can hit from further ranges too and try your sniping tastes. Forget bout the weight, you'll just get used to it after running around with it.
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