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Bablefish translations are funny. It's funny if you translate and then translate back; the end result is nothing like what you originally entered.

He was saying he got an M16 and basically he wants to know how to load BBs cuz right now he's loading 'em one by one and his fingers are getting blistered.


Gawd9, tu devrais avoir un tube avec un genre de baton (je presume que le M16 c'est un Marui ? sinon ca pourrait etre different)

Si tu place le tube sur l'ouverture du mag (y'a un bout en plastic noir qui fit) tu remplis le tube de BBs, pis tu les pousses dans le mag a l'aide du baton.

Sinon tu peux t'acheter un chargeur a BBs (y'en a plusieur models).

^^^ told him to use a loading rod :P
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