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Originally Posted by Jayhad View Post
I think there is a verification issue.
I saw that in Calgary there wasn't a quick enough turn around time so I put my name forth via PMs exactly how the thread stated to the powers that be stating I would be happy to start verifing people in the region. I NEVER EVEN RECIEVED A RESPONSE.
if the admins here don't care about making the process better why should I?
Really Jay? Didn't know that. Hmmm.. Wonder how my message will be recieved then, as I just sent out my request to start doing it to help Gish out as he is the only one in our area doing it anymore. The regional list needs a little bit of sprucing up.

The same thing kind of happenes even in our local clubs. I do know what you are feeling with the not ever getting any messages back. Happened to me a year ago with some stuff, but they did eventually get back to me.

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