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Lucky... First of all, I do agree with much of what you say with regard to the communities stance of keeping quiet. Your example of what gun control resulted in was an excellent point. I know you're frustrated, but attacks on moderators isn't going to help your cause. It is their choice what they want us to read. It's their right to censor what they want. Sometimes we agree with it, sometimes we don't. They have a tough job keeping this place running and attempting to present a mature airsoft community. You may not agree, but it is their show to run. The little video at was interesting, but not quite valid as to our case. It just showcases possible motivations for passing certain laws/ordinances, but in a different country.

Greylocks... Age verification has a purpose; the prevention of selling airsoft guns to minors. Using it here against Lucky isn't useful. Whether he is as old as he says in his profile is irrelevant. He has valid arguements, know matter how old he is. Unless someone is specifically trying to buy an airsoft gun, there is no point in getting age verified. And getting age verified isn't easy. A friend of mine has come with me to ASCA more than once, and gone through the process. Even after several calls and messages, he still isn't age verified, because Miles gets busy. Bottom line, don't disregard, or attempt to downplay someone's arguements based on age or verification. On another point, I agree with you that airsoft is not dying (not yet at least), and it is somewhat due to our discretion.

Keeping airsoft discrete is valuable, but we shouldn't keep it hidden entirely as some in this community hope to do. I personally know bankers, police officers and even an Ontario Supreme Court judge who like airsoft. With the current news, it's obviously going to become more well known. The piece at TTAC3 wasn't bad either. I think we just have to get the right people involved. Maybe it's time we get some MPs involved. Ontario MPs would be less likely to be sympathetic right off the bat, but maybe Lucky (or anybody out west), since you want to get the ball rolling, should get a Calgary MP involved. They have the power to write law, and they are really the only people we should be concentrating on. Soccer moms on the other hand... soccer season is over, and they're probably itching for a cause. Maybe they shouldn't be brought into the loop just yet.
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