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Originally Posted by localfreerider View Post
there were times when I've been hit by a BB and didn't feel it. The person who shot me shouted "YOUR OUT, I HIT YOU" and I walked off the field.

I think its the shooters call, I don't see a point in arguing.
its just like kids playing cops and robbers. "I SHOT YOU", "NO I SHOT YOU"
Cmon, swallow your pride and move on.
I strongly disagree. It is the person who is shot who must call themselves hit, otherwise you get exactly what you don't want, "I shot you, you're hit." That is the second worst kind of airsofter. Intentionally not calling hits is a close on top.

It is the shooters job to hit the target, they may feel like they hit them, or miss for a stellar number of reasons (Wind, BB Drop, Poor Eyesight, Trees, Gun Malfunction, Magazine Malfunction, BB Deformaty, or maybe the Gods just fucking vanished that BB.) but it is never the job of the shooter to call another persons hit.

When the shooter is LACING the non-caller, and they are not calling hits... Then you have to call yourself out, and go have a chat with the individual/s and resolve the issue. This is called a parlay. Often game staff is brought over to discuss the actions and normally resolves in both players going back to respawn, or if this is along standing problem, the cheater being ejected.

EDIT: As a caveat, written or spoken field rules obviously override all of the above, ultimately do what game staff tell you - or leave - it's their game.

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