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Because it's 'BOYS', not BOY. You can also check the International Retailers. You wont find much of anything here because they are so bad the threads got deleted. The only two guns that are worse are EBB and Minis.

And you should know by now... DONT PLAY IN BACKYARDS!!! The type of guns DOES NOT MATTER!

I dont understand you. You started by listening to what you were told, but now you insist on ignoring any intelligent advice you were already told.

You know something? Go ahead, be dense. We know nothing after all. Play anytime you want, where you want, with what you want. You're not listening, so we'll read about you, and so will other local game organizers. I wonder what they will do?

I'll take one last chance at poking your brain into gear; this thread is in the FAQ because this question gets asked too often and we were tired to say they are crap. And here you are, going against advice that was so good it got placed here... what do you think it means?
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